How A Pay Per Click Company Turned Things Around

Our company had a website and we knew that it was very well designed and had all the information that needed to be sent out to the customers, however no matter how much traffic was coming to our site, only a small percentage was being converted into revenue. We knew that there was something wrong somewhere, which is why we chose to hire a Pay Per Click company.

When they looked at our strategies, they pointed out exactly where we were going wrong. For starters, they told us that every time someone typed a search for a particular product, it was not wise to take them to the homepage. If each time, a prospective customer had to go through the process of navigating the entire website to the product they had been looking for, it would make them lose interest gradually. The same would happen if they were taken to the contact page, rather than the product page. The idea was that the customer should be taken directly to the product page, allowing them no time to waver from their decision to make the purchase.

The same company also suggested that we hire a good reputation management company which would help us undo whatever damage had been done so far. With the reputation management team, we were able to push down all the negative comments and reviews that had been written about our website.

Overall, hiring a PPC company and choosing to collaborate with good ORM services in India, ensured that we were able to do well in the days to come.